Climathon Faro

Oct 24, 2023

Mezzegra has been granted a licence to organise a Climathon event for the second time – Climathon Faro – Portugal, which will take place from 15 to 17 December, just after Dubai Climate Change – COP 28. The Climathon is the result of an initiative by the EU Innovation Agency (EIT) in the Innovation for Climate Change programme (, under which we organise innovation competitions (face-to-face or virtual) to address local issues related to global climate change, such as energy, mobility, waste, forest cover and sustainable use of water resources. The climate actions take place by locality/city, under licence from the agency’s programme, with organisation and coordination by the licensed team.
On the other hand, the programme ends up promoting the locality and the winning participants in the competition in the European innovation ecosystem, with media exposure and access to funds and investors. Climathon is the largest Hackathon in the world, which has grown organically due to the entrepreneurial and networking skills of the trainees in each location. Even so, based on the city and highly dependent on the ability to organise and hold Climathons, it represents a group of cities that end up standing out as regional vectors and innovation hubs.