GREENLAND and Mezzegra Green Energy together to support training actions for young people in the Green and Circular Economy

Oct 17, 2022

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A new comer in the Entrepreneurial Green Network (EGN) of GREENLAND: MEZZEGRA GREEN ENERGY

One of the main goals of GREENLAND project is to provide young people and unemployed women with marketable skills of interest to enterprises operating in the Green and Circular Economy fields.

To support this, it is important to know the labour market needs of green SMEs in order to develop ad hoc training courses and transfer the green skills to the participants.

For this reason, GREENLAND  and Mezzegra Green Energy joined their forces in the last months.

About Mezzegra Green Energy

MEZZEGRA GREEN ENERGY is a green company based in the south of Portugal. It develops, produces, stores and markets green energy and hydrogen executing a vision for the world market of sustainable green energy, contributing to the decarbonisation, massively confirmed today.

What will be the result of this synergy?

The synergy aims to support the project training actions in order to exchange information on new emerging professions within the Green Economy  and potential training requirements of mutual interest.

Potential mentors or coaches will be identified by Mezzegra staff members to participate in the project training courses and to provide advice and recommendations on curricula and course contents.

In addition, this synergy will support the organization of visits and jobs shadowing for our trainees, as well as the awareness raising campaigns of the project activities.

Finally, Mezzegra Green Energy being part of the Entrepreneurial Green Network (EGN) of GREENLAND, will support it by creating green partnerships with new stakeholders.

One letter of intent was signed on May 20th 2022 between MEZZEGRA and ARCES. 

United for a green and better future!

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